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Resonator Guitar Parts & Cones



Spider Bridge Style     |     Biscuit Bridge Style

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Quarterman Dobro & National-style Resonator Guitar Cones & Misc. Parts

Upgrades & Retro-fit Parts for All Resonator Guitars, Mandolins & Ukes (foreign or domestic)

Specializing in Quarterman Cones

(Authorized Res-O-Cone Dealer & Distributor for all Quarterman Resonator Cones)

The Res-O-Cone is the "Heart of the Sound" in a resonator guitar. Just having a plain spun or stamped cone is not any guarantee you will have a great sounding instrument. It has to be a well made hand-spun Dobro or National-style resonator cone, such as those made by J.P. Quarterman. Made from hand-spun special air-craft grade aluminum & crafted to the precise thickness & weight tolerances (as specified by inventor John Dopyera) to produce the optimum tone & volume, that has made the Quarterman name famous. He has started stamping his cones with his special brand name company logo in order to authenticate them; because it's noted and rumored that some other ambitious resonator builders were selling their own cones using his brand name. Replacing your cone with a Genuine Quarterman Res-O-Cone will give any resonator instrument, including yours, improved tone quality and power. Acclamied by top modern luthiers & pro players, as best in the world. Made in the USA.

  • Quarterman Cones (11 models)
  • Spider Bridges
  • Biscuit Bridges
  • Tri-cone Bridges
  • Nuts
  • Saddles
  • Tailpieces
  • Coverplates
  • Soundhole Rings
  • Tuning Keys
  • Pickup Systems
  • Installations & Repair




Spider Bridge Style   |   Biscuit Bridge Style

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